Friday, October 14, 2011

First Poast?

O hi there. Welcome to my blog. Here you will find the ranting, ravings, and occasionally insightful observations and commentary from a typical 20-something programmer.

I am about to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and actually started the blog per the suggestion of my teacher.

I work for a defense contractor, but if I told you my responsibilities, I'd probably have to kill you.

I do have a personal project, and that is mostly what this blog will be about. I will be making posts as I implement new features and think of other things pertaining to it.

About the project, it is a game I am working on with a few friends called Tribal Aeronauts. It is being developed in tandem with a game engine of my own design, so there is always new stuff to do/fix/break. The game itself is an arcadey flight simulator that aims to be faster paced and have an engaging story. I also plan to implement an online multiplayer component that includes a persistent metagame where players form into tribes and compete against each other. This, of course, is much later on down the line.

I am also a huge Linux fan, and an avid supporter of games on Linux. You can be certain that any programs I write will always work on both Windows and Linux. I will be posting about games on Linux later on down the line as well.

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